Saturday, May 28, 2016

American and Foreign Companies with Global Operations

Here's a database you may not have heard of. American and Foreign Companies with Global Operations.

Covers over 200 countries and 20,000 industries. A great way to do international business research or how to get a job living abroad.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Book Review: Give and Take

Chester Karrass's Give and Take is a great book that tells you how to negotiate a business deal, contract, or purchase of a large product.

The book has pretty much any tactic that will ever be used on you and how to counter them.You can bet your opponent has read this book so be prepared!

You'll learn how to react when the other person changes the terms of the deal after an agreement has been reached, how to identify opportunities you otherwise would have missed, when to divulge information and when to keep silent, and how to get concessions from the other side, among many other tips.

Mandatory for business people negotiating a deal, or even if you're just buying a car at the local dealership.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Subsidiaries and Brands

Sometimes the name of your company will not show up in a database search. One possible reason for this is that your company is a subsidiary of a larger one. Or, you may want to know what the subsidiaries are of a particular company.

This post will show you how to find owners of brands, the parent of a subsidiary or all subsidiaries of a larger company.

Here follow several options:

Type the corporate name (i.e. JC Penney ) into Mint and it's right there slightly off center to the right.

If you choose Standard and Poor's Netvantage, look up your company and then choose corporation record on the left side of the screen.

Bear in mind that subsidiaries are not the same thing as brands. If you need to know which brand goes with what company, consult Companies and Their Brands or Brands and Their Companies

Finally, if you wanna do it the official way (below courtesy of the SEC website):

A list of subsidiaries must be disclosed to the SEC as Exhibit 21 to registration statements filed on Forms S-1, S-4, S-11, F-1, F-4, 10, and the annual report filed on Form 10-K.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Find Individual Consumers in Reference USA

Reference USA lets you enter characteristics (income, interests, and more) and then returns actual individuals (national, or by zip code, county, etc.). Includes street addresses and some phone numbers. You can also look up by individual name.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Prince And Artistic Control Vs Publicity

Prince famously hated YouTube and would not allow his music, nor even guitar lessons based on his songs to be posted. He wanted control over his music and wanted understandably to be paid.

He famously also held out on the major music streaming services until he signed with Jay'Z's service.

It's tough call – make sure you get paid at the expense of publicity?