Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Data Planet and dataZoa Make Big Data Easy

It's the age of big data.  And learning to make attractive graphs and charts for presentations as an important job skill.

But data planet and dataZoa make it easy for you.  These databases allow you to easily import data from several different sources and easily make charts and graphs.  True, there's a way to do this in Microsoft Excel but it is much easier in these two databases.


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

MRI + Migration - Save Your Data

MRI/ University Reporter will change platforms on June 30 with no information carrying over from the old platform, and no redirects for the URL.  There’s a message on the database page to alert anyone who uses this regularly.   You need to export any saved data before June 30th

MRI+ University Reporter from Mediamark Research Inc.  About This Resource

Consumer demographics, psychographics/lifestyles, product & brand usage, and media preferences based on a national probability sample of 27,000 households. Although MRI provides marketing research for a wide variety of products, it does not analyze all consumer items. Please see the MRI Internet User Guide for help or watch our YouTube video.
Full text.
2001 to last year.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Koch Support of Florida State University Economics Department

Presented for your information.  The Economics Department at Florida State University will apparently be largely funded by the Koch family.  This support will include strict oversight of publications and hires by the department by the Koch foundation. 

Please read the article for more information. 

John Nash and Game Theory

John Nash, a principal originator of game theory, and the subject of the Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind was recently killed in an automobile accident.

John Nash titles here. Our copy of a Beautiful Mind here.

Among many contributions, Nash was famous for the Nash equilibrium in game theory. From the obituary in the Guardian:

“In his discipline, he gave his name to the Nash equilibrium – a position in a situation of competition or conflict in which both sides have selected a strategy, but where neither side can then independently change their strategy without ending up in a less desirable position.”