Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Housing Meltdown

For years, I couldn't figure out how everybody was paying for their houses. I just thought I didn't get it. Last time I mistrust my intuition. So now my intuition tells me that we'll have a train in the Austin metro area, get reality shows off the air, and I'll finally become an English rock star.

Here are the official government numbers about housing starts.

You've heard of the famous Case-Schiller index about housing prices? It's a standard measure of house value.

And that's not all!

There are a number of great, interactive maps that show the differing magnitude of declining house sales and deflating house values.

The New York Fed has a map that shows how your zip code is faring with foreclosures.

Do you know Zillow? Zillow is a website that shows you what homeowners are asking - and getting - for their homes.

A company called Realty Trac has an interactive map of foreclosures.

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