Friday, November 13, 2009


Ever hear of LIBOR (the London Inter Bank Offer Rate)? It's the rate for banks borrowing unsecured funds from each other in the London money market. It has international significance, even for banks not using the London market.

Here's my favorite way to get LIBOR - on Bloomberg.

Oh right, we also have it in ECONOMAGIC. This link contains different currencies and time horizons.


Brian Mairs said...

British Bankers' Association here. It shouldn't be hard to find the current LIBOR rate for any maturity or currency. It's all available via Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and other financial data providers. If you don't have access to these, and if you are borrowing money at a rate pegged to a LIBOR fixing, your lender should be able to tell you what the relevant rate is daily (it is fixed every business day around 12 noon London time).

Meanwhile all old LIBOR data (two months old or more) is available at And we tweet three-month sterling LIBOR daily at

By the way, where did you get that nice picture of me?

Charles Allan said...

Thanks Brian for the good information. I'm learning every day.