Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Book Review: The Competitive Advantage of Nations

This is crucial reading for any student interested in international business.

This book by Michael Porter explores the reasons why any nation develops a competitive advantage in an industry. The answers often lie in national historical experiences, education, the nature of government regulation, access to capital, and geographic necessity.

Fascinating studies of why certain countries export chemicals, some excel in container ships, still others make the best appliances and more. Colorful analysis too of that elusive thing "national character" that will teach you how to approach this seemingly vague construct with analytical tools. The levels of trust, competitiveness (both good and bad), collaboration, openness to innovation and more traits are discussed.

After you identify and use an advantage, you must defend it! Author Michael Porter consistently stresses education as crucial in developing and maintaining competitive advantage. There are some case studies of some industries in Great Britain and United States losing their advantage, so pay attention!

Learn to analyze a country (including America) and then identify advantages.

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