Friday, January 6, 2012

International Contract Law

So you need to look up laws and regulations in foreign countries. Here's how.


EIU Country Reports and Profiles

Includes the general legal environment and very often the actual relevant laws governing foreign enterprise.

here's how: type your country and select regulations tab. then choose "organizing an investment."


Digest of Commercial Laws K1005.4 D54 in reference section, main floor. contains most but not all major countries' commercial regulations.


hint: search the words (in the appropriate language) commercial or civil code to find online laws. usually, contract laws are in the civil code and business regulations are in the commercial code.

example: codigo comercio "costa rica"

bonus: our copy of the Mexican Codigo de Comercio....

bonus 2 : John R.Jagoe's export sales & marketing manual - everything you need to know about exporting rules and regulations. Covers licenses, container logistics, arranging for credit and everything else. Not the national laws, but the kinds of legal situations you will need to research.

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