Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Find a Company's Earnings from International Operations

Here's how to find a company's revenues from international operations. Most of these breakdowns are by continents, but read on to the end on how to get breakdowns by countries.

Mint Database:

Do your company search,  select BY SECTION TAB and then you'll see:
Then select segments data like so:

Mint breaks out different global earnings by continent and ALSO earnings by different products within a large corporation like Ford or Apple.

Mergent is the best. Choose your company, select company details and look to the right. Select business segments.

Marketline Advantage will also work. Search your company and then open the Report PDF.

 You will see the phrase "revenue analysis" in the PDF (see below).

Marketline Advantage also has a (slightly imperfect) way to break this out by country. Choose databases inside Marketline Advantage and then search market size by product and individual country.

You'll see how much products and/or money your company made in your selected countries.

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