Monday, May 6, 2013

Become a Web Page Marketing Master

Curious to see what keywords people type in when they're searching for electronic goods?  Who visits and how long they stayed? How many pages people click inside
Are the visitors to Crate and young or old, male or female, high or low income?

We have two great databases that will show you the keywords used to arrive at a web page, number of unique visitors to a specific webpage, and demographics of people (age, income, gender, etc) visiting a web site.

They are Compete Pro  and SRDS (use IE or Chrome with SRDS).

Note: Inside SRDS you want to select digital media.  Click on the website name and if demographics are available, then you'll see something like this in SRDS:

This is for ATV Rider:

Compete Pro looks like this (this was a search for
Note: if the above doesn't work try this:

Try direct log in of
Please e-mail me at for the password

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