Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Subsidiaries and Brands

Sometimes the name of your company will not show up in a database search. One possible reason for this is that your company is a subsidiary of a larger one. Or, you may want to know what the subsidiaries are of a particular company.

This post will show you how to find owners of brands, the parent of a subsidiary or all subsidiaries of a larger company.

Here follow several options:

Type the corporate name (i.e. JC Penney ) into Mint and it's right there slightly off center to the right.

Bear in mind that subsidiaries are not the same thing as brands. If you need to know which brand goes with what company, consult Companies and Their Brands or Brands and Their Companies

Finally, if you wanna do it the official way (below courtesy of the SEC website):

A list of subsidiaries must be disclosed to the SEC as Exhibit 21 to registration statements filed on Forms S-1, S-4, S-11, F-1, F-4, 10, and the annual report filed on Form 10-K.

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