Monday, January 27, 2014

A Few Good Bloggers

I am a big fan of quality economics bloggers.  You learn what the data really means, you'll get great explanations of economic ideas, and also learned a lot of stuff you never knew existed (which you can then find in the library)!  In addition, the best bloggers are not part of the mainstream media, so you will see a different perspective than you would in mainstream media.

In my opinion, this is what makes a good blocker:

1. Devotion to reason and citing sources and statistics.
2. Original thought pieces rather than linkfests.
3. Intellectual openness and willingness to consider other sides while treating then with respect.

Some of the best bloggers are (Their worldview is in parentheses) :

Naked Capitalism (left)
Zero Hedge (libertarian right)
Noahopinion (status quo)
Mish (libertarian right)
Jesse's Cafe Americain (centrist)

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