Wednesday, November 9, 2011

International Business and Exporting

Despite the depression, still a lot to come in the future in emerging economies.

Maybe you have a competitive advantage in a field, or maybe there's a growing middle class in a developing country that wants/needs to buy your product. Could be both.

The best country profiles are in Europa or Marketline Advantage.

Our subject headings are sort of scattered, but they include globalization, international business, international business enterprises and competition, international. Don't forget keywords either!

If you're looking for each country's laws governing you as a foreigner doing business, you'll need the print version of international commercial laws or the Country Commerce section of the (choose reports on the right side of the screen.)

And don't forget the research guide I made on this subject. It gives you the right databases to use.

Finally, check out these good sites:
(a good guide to how to export)

Tradestats Express (pretty detailed guide to what we are exporting. State by state too).

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