Friday, January 5, 2018

Why Second Life Failed

You may not have even heard of Second Life, but around 2006 are so everyone thought it was going to be the next big thing. You dressed up like an anime raver in a virtual environment so you could conduct business with virtual dollars.  Yes, some people actually thought this was a professional environment that would be used for actual business transactions.

Good blogger explanation here.

"Second Life was originally developed in 2002-2003 on two reasonable but ultimately wrong assumptions: That the desktop computer market would continue growing, and that dedicated broadband lines would be the main way people would access the Internet. Instead, the market largely shifted to laptops, and now to tablets, and also to smartphones, all of which depend on wireless Internet connectivity. The most popular platforms for accessing the Internet now are the least conducive to using Second Life, which performs poorly on wireless laptops, and can't fully perform on smartphones or tablets at all. At the same time, social networks, especially Facebook, provided many of the features that Second Life offered, but in a way that was much less resource and time-consuming."

Why Second Life Failed from Slate

Article digresses into predictive model of which social media will succeed , but still interesting.

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