Friday, March 15, 2013

Insurance Company Financials

Insurance companies have special financial parameters: cash deposits, the composition of security assets, debtors, financial reinsurance, intercompany investments and more.

The MOST DETAILED WAY to investigate insurance companies is by using the Best's Insurance Reports (currently available only in print). Best's is divided into Life/Health and Property/Casualty.

Best's contains special insurance industry financials in great detail.  For example, leverage tests, types of bonds held (treasuries, foreign bonds, etc...), bond quality, and other investments in real estate, mortgages, and stocks.

Best's has more detail than Orbis, but you can get a general idea by

1. Go To Orbis and select Financial Data.
2. Select Key Financials, then global detailed format.
3. Select a Template, change industry type to insurance.

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